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FSGT in a few words

FSGT (French federation of grassroots sports -or sport for all) is an omnisports federation of
ore than 270.000 practitioners and 4.700 sports clubs and associations in France.

It has "Sport" and "Popular Education" ministerial approvals.

FSGT's project is the development of physical, sports and artistic activities
 accessible to the greatest number of people, especially the working class.

It aims at training citizen and emancipated sportspersons.

FSGT gathers more than 100 activities, organizes every year 65 federal competitions and meetings, 50 training courses, all relying on a dynamic volunteerism.

The federation is structured into around 90 departmental           and regional committees and 30 federal commissions
 of activities.


“All sports practices with a single membership card!”

FSGT gives itself for more than 90 years the same aim: training citizen and emancipated sportspersons.

It considers the physical and sports practice as essential in the construction of the person, throughout his life and on all levels: physical, mental, social.

However some conditions are necessary, which is why the federation works on learning contents, forms of organization, rules, in order to facilitate everybody’s access and progress in the sports practice.

It also develops nonprofit practices, promoting the commitment of practitioners in organizing the activities and the training, and puts the values of solidarity and brotherhood at the heart of its action.

It cares about the social conditions of existence of the populations who are as many obstacles or favorable conditions for access to sports practices.

FSGT is recognized at the international level for its solidarity actions and its champions reserved to amateur sportspersons.


FSGT, it is:

· 270.000 practicing persons

· 4.700 local and labour sports associations

· 88 departmental and regional committees

· 100 sports activities, with or without competitions


And also:

Sports practices of children, young, adults, mixed, over 50 years old, families

Adapted forms of organization and participation, teaching innovations

Local, departmental, regional, national and international activities

Participation to World games every 4 years, bringing together 3.000 athletes, of which 300 FSGT participants

International exchanges with 15 federations in the world, on the five continents

Cooperation with sportspersons and educators in Palestine, Japan, Algeria, Morocco...

Thousands of meetings and competitions

Hundreds of championships and popular sport events

Shared practic

es between people with disabilities and valid persons

2.000 youth workers and educators, and 600 certified volunteer trainers


FSGT is member of:

· the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF)

· the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF)

· the National Council of Youth and Popular Education Associations (CNAJEP)

· founder of the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation (CSIT)